Saturday, June 13, 2009

"What a nice Saturday"

What a nice Saturday I have had. I celebrated Christmas in July (but in June) with some friends I worked with at the
"Tasmanian Travel Centre". Our "Secret Santa" tradition for this celebration is that our gift should not cost any more than $5.00 and has to be really really bad. My gift was a yellow rubber duckie attached to a bath plug. Scary thing is I will probably use it. It's strange how you can work with some people and the only reason you mix with them is that you both work in the same location. Then there are other people you work with and even when people have left and the work place does not exist anymore you still have a connection and desire to stay in contact. I must say I do love this group of friends as we are all so different our conversations are really interesting, but we are alike enough to get each other.

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  1. How excellent, it is always such a bonus when you enjoy the people that you work with and from the sounds of it, you do have a lot of fun... too much fun at times?? LOL I am kidding of course, I have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing in life as too much fun!


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