Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Goodbye Caspa

This afternoon my day turned into a very sad day. I had to take my dear old cat – Caspa – to be euthanized. She was 17 years old, which is approx. 84 in human years. She is actually my son Shanes cat, although I would regard her as my friend. As with all cats she was very aloof with a mind of her own. She was named after the cartoon character “Caspa the Ghost” because she was jet black and Caspa the Ghost was white. Go figure; that is how my kids and my mind works!! Every morning as soon as she heard my voice she would greet me with her funny half meow (her voice was half gone cause of her age), it may have just been for food, but it was me she greeted. Her most favourite food would have to have been chicken. Given the chance she would hijack it of your plate if you looked away. When she was younger she enjoyed – well maybe tolerated – a wash in the bath. She loved me holding her and gently stroking the pads on her front paws. About 6 years ago we almost lost her when she was hit by a car and was trying to get under a neighbours house to die. Luckily we got her and after the vet had patched her broken bones up she had to live in a cage for a month, so she wouldn't move around. From that day on she had a bit of a dripping saliva problem - bit yucky but funny. She was always best friends with the dogs in the house. Tammy (who went to heaven a while back) and Caspa used to sleep in the same bed. Zoe, who is our only pet now (other than the fish) was actually smaller than Caspa and they would always play fight and the cat would always beat the dog. I am so going to miss her, but I think we gave her a pretty good 17 years. Goodbye Caspa – We Love You.

** “Davine Time” update – This morning I went to a gift fare and a wholesale beads shop and immersed myself in creativity.