Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Emails - Love them or Hate them they are part of our lives now. If your anything like me you find a website and think "Oh that might a good site to get the newsletter from" - and before you know it you are getting newsletter emails on all sorts of subjects and you have way to many emails. Well that's where I sit at the moment. After not looking at my emails for a couple of days I decided this afternoon was time to sort thru them and have a bit of clean out. To my shock when I first logged on I had over 200 unread emails!!!  Well after a few hours I have whittled it down to 90 unread emails, but there are still those elusive ones that I have sort of read but I just haven't got around to deleting - why - cause I just might read again properly, or answer the sender - or some other crazy reason. I think sometimes I may suffer from "Information Overload"!!!
Emails - Love them or Hate them!!!
I must admit I do like being able to get information on anything at any time.