Sunday, July 28, 2019

House Decision Made

My next decision was the house. I spent lots of time looking at the real estate websites getting a feel of what's available and where the prices sat. On one of my drives down to St. Leonards I drove around the area where a new housing estate was being built. After a bit more searching, I came to the conclusion that I could get a house and land package for a lot less than an established house. I realise there will be a lot more work setting up the outside but I wouldn't be buying someone else's problems (if any) and I could get exactly what I want. At 66 I'm way past the whole renovation/repair thing. So, then I started looking at the house/land packages which was huge. 
At the beginning of this whole process I had decided to really listen to my intuition. 
So as soon as I saw the one, I knew that was the house for me. 

The house I chose is a Hotondo Home, so I contacted the company and set up meeting with Richard Barton the salesman. Prior to the meeting I did a lot of surfing the web checking all the feedback people had given on Hotondo Homes. I probably read in excess of 50 feedback notes and out of that there were only two negative ones. So, I thought that was a pretty good track record. So, I have now started on this journey, I was/am pretty much just travelling blindly at that moment. 

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