Sunday, June 17, 2018

Clare and Gaga's Adventure Day

OK I've decided to get back into my Adventure Days in my hometown. This week it happened to be a day where I shared it with my eldest grandchild Clare. We just happened to park the car next to a skate park and enjoyed watching the kids and adults practice their skills.

After lunch at Southbank it was time for what has become our little ritual, we headed to Walker Donuts for a little bit of decadence. 
Mmmmmm Walkers Donuts
We decided we would head to a couple of the laneways that are well known for the street art or graffiti in Melbourne CBD. As we walked up Flinders street we decided to go into St. Paul's Cathedral and view the magnificence of this beautiful building. This cathedral's design is English Gothic and was completed in 1891 although the spires were built to a different design between 1926 and 1932. 
St Paul's Cathedral
Next stop was Hosier Lane where we were entertained by a few artists creating their art. Clare loves looking at any art and was totally intrigued watching a couple of young adults create some ordinary and some amazing pieces of work. One young artist asked Clare what her name was and proceeded to climb up high and sprayed her name on the wall. Clare felt very happy that her name was on the wall and up high so it wasn't going to be painted over straights away.

Clare's been graffitied

Oh how sweet

Our last stop on our long day was ACDC Lane, named after the world famous Aussie band. The laneway is well known for some amazing pieces of art such as Jimmy Hendrix and a spectacular escaping sculpture of the late AC/DC lead singer Bon Scott. 

Jimi Hendrix

Bon Scott
Even though we were both pretty tired after our big day we certainly did have fun. 

After a big day they view back on the city was nice

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