Friday, July 15, 2016

Millaa Millaa Waterfall Circuit.

Millaa Millaa referred to as the "Village in the Mist" is a delightful little village surrounded by some of the most amazing scenery I have ever seen. With all the rolling hills and deep valleys it is no surprise  this area has quite a few waterfalls. Just out of Millaa Millaa we took a left turn to start our short adventure on the Waterfall Curcuit. After an easy walk from the car park the first waterfall we visited was Millaa Millaa Falls which are just over 18 metres high and are quite a spectacle to see.

Millaa Millaa Falls
Then it was back into the car for a short drive through the amazing green rolling hills to Zillie Falls. The walkway took us to the top of these falls and there was a rough track to walk to the base of them but we decided against it. Zillie Falls were not as high as Millaa Millaa Falls but had a lot more rocks at the base that the water thundered down to.
The amazing views over this lush countryside

Zillie Falls
Then it was off to the third and last waterfall on this circuit, Ellinjaa Falls. There was quite a bit of a walk through the rainforest down to the base of the falls. But it certainly a pretty view once I got there.

Ellinjaa Falls
 Next it was onto Mount Hypipamee Crater. After an easy walk we reached this spectacular crater. I certainly didn't expect to see a drop of some 58 metres to the water surface. It is estimated that the waters depth is then something like 73 metres deep.
Mount Hypipamee Crater
Shane decided to take the same track back to the car and I took the more rugged track to have a look at Dinner Falls. Oh my goodness what a walk it was up and down until I reached the falls which consisted of about four different falls. The walk really set my asthma off but it was worth the walk.
One of the falls at Dinner Falls
Our next morning was our last in beautiful Yungaburra and seeing we were on the lake I really wanted to try and get some sunrise photos. As soon as I ventured out of our camper Myrtle I was faced with a literal wall of fog. It was a very eerie feeling standing alone on the waters edge without being able to see anything. As the sun slowly started to rise I was able to get a couple of shots I am very happy with.
I was confronted by a wall of fog

When the sun rose her head I was pretty impressed

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