Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Paronella Park, Mena Creek

This was my second visit to Paronella Park and I know I will be back here again in the future. To anyone who hasn't visited Paronella Park it is hard to describe its amazingness.

Lovers Lane
Paronella Park was the dream of Jose' Paronella way back in the early 1900's when he arrived in Queensland from Catalonia in Northern Spain. He chose this 13 acres in this special part of Australia to create his castle, picnic areas beside Mena Creek, tennis courts, tunnels and bridges. Then he wrapped it all up in some 7000 tropical plants and trees.

To the right of the waterfall is the Hydro Electric plant Jose built
As well of this amazing place Jose's story is extremely interesting as well, although it is way to long to tell here. If you are interested I have included a link so you can read Jose' Paronella's story.

Part of the beauty is the moss and plants creeping over the structures
 Another one of Jose's incredible feats was his hydro electric plant. He created Queensland's first hydro electric plant in 1933 to power the 13 acre park, and the castle grounds were ready to welcome the public in 1935. After many years, floods and cyclones the hydro stopped working but in 2009 the refurbishment of the original hydro turbine once again saw power to the park. The hydro also supplies power to the small settlement on Mena Creek.
The night time view of the castle is amazing
As I have mentioned Paronella Park has been through many floods and cyclones but in 1993 when the current owners Mark and Judy took over they discovered the almost lost park and envisaged reviving Jose's dream, which I am happy to say they have done.
The lights on the waterfall at night is spectacular
This is an amazing place to visit and I urge everyone to put this on your bucket list. The entry per adult is $44 but that includes a day tour, a night tour and the availability to come back for a free visit within the following two years.

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