Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hillston to Cobar

Our drive from Hillston to Cobar was fairly uneventful although I did kill my very first piece of wildlife!!! A silly bird flew into the windscreen very very hard and left some of it's body over the windscreen!! All was OK with the car although I think Shane nearly had a heart attack as he was having a snooze when it happened and woke with a huge fright. But alas the bird was a lot worse off. We did see quite a lot of other wildlife that I didn't kill. There was cattle and sheep. But also lots of Emu's and some with babies and heaps and heaps of goats. Cobar (which means Copper) is an old mining town with the discovery of Copper in 1870.

Over the years there have been many mines here opening, closing and opening again. These days (from what I can gather) there are only two sites remaining. Today we went and had a look at the open cut Peak Gold Mine which is 1400+ metres deep. Looking down into the hole the huge mine truck looked like a Tonka Toy!

We also went for a drive out to the Mt Grenfell Historic Site. The site consists of three main magnificent examples of Aboriginal paintings. Once again the area was full of heaps of goats.

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