Thursday, March 19, 2015

Do you hide your emotions?

Recently I watched a short YouTube video about how we all tend to hide our emotions. I would share the link but I have no idea what the address was. Why do we sometimes hide our emotions? Is it because society and possibly childhood has conditioned us not to show some emotions as they are perceived as being bad for us.This video really struck a cord with me as I have in the past and still sometimes now store my emotions deep inside me. Why I ask myself? Possibly because if I don't acknowledge them they don't really exist or are a problem. We have five natural emotions and it is entirely natural to experience them. 

GRIEF - Grief is an emotion that surfaces when saying goodbye when you don't want to. 
It's a very natural emotion. But when grief is repressed it is transformed into depression. 
You control GRIEF,
DEPRESSION controls you.

ANGER - Is a natural emotion to express and it never has to be threatening 
or hurtful to anyone. But when anger is repressed it is transformed into rage. 
You control ANGER
RAGE controls you. 

ENVY - Is what inspires us when we see someone exceeding. 
It's what drives us to climb to the top and be the best we can be. 
It's a very natural emotion to express but if we repress envy it can transform to jealousy. 
You control ENVY
JEALOUSY controls you. 

All of these emotions stem from FEAR which is also a very natural emotion to experience. Our fear emotion is our protective instinct. Fears need to be faced and expressed. Fear is an expression of LOVE. Love for ourselves or love for others. LOVE is our highest emotion. 

The key isn't to stop feeling, the key is to start. 

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