Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone out there. I find it very difficult getting in a Halloween state of mind as I don't regard it as a Southern Hemisphere occasion. But for all those who do, have a great night.
Clare looks so beautiful for her Halloween night 
Mikayla doesn't have a clue what Halloween is but how cute does she look
I have had a great week with lots of fun and some revelations and important decisions made.
Firstly the fun part was looking after my two beautiful granddaughters Clare and Mikayla while their Mum and Dad are sunning themselves in Thailand for a week. We had lots of fun with painting, swimming and going to a party.
Clare at her swimming lesson
The girls loved being at Gail's birthday lunch
They are such good girls but when they went to their Nana's for the weekend I did enjoy my bubble bath and full nights sleep. I pick them up again on Sunday for some more fun. 
Today was another great one starting it off with a very inspiring group of friends. The discussion during the morning made me aware of a toxic so called friendship I have in my life. It also made me consider whether I want this type of influence in my life. Why must some people feel they have to talk behind their friends back? I'm the sort of person that if there is an issue I would rather talk it directly with the source to get the correct story. But unfortunately that's not the case with everyone!!! What should I do, what would you do? My weeks oracle card for this week now makes perfect sense. I WILL have the strength to make the right decision. 

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