Thursday, March 27, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me

Tuesday of this week, 25 March, 2014 was my 61st birthday. Wow how did I get to be 61 already, it seems like only yesterday that I turned 50! I am not stressed about my age being 61, it's a lot better that the alternative. This time of my life is just wonderful, I am content with the life I am living, happy with the person I have grown into and cherish all my family, friends and acquaintances as they all make my life the joy that it is. I received some of the best birthday messages and phone calls I could ever wish for. Thank you for all the love that was sent my way. xxx
Early Tuesday morning we caught the bus into Adelaide for a special night in the city for my birthday. We stayed at the 5 star hotel Stamford Plaza.
Quite different to our bed in Myrtle
It's very nice and very central. After doing a bit of wandering and shopping it was nice to have a bit of an afternoon snooze. After a long hot shower we walked across the road to the Adelaide Casino, to see what restaurants were there for dinner. There was nothing there that really grabbed us so we jumped into a taxi to North Adelaide for a very nice Mexican meal. By the way Mexican is my favourite. My meal was started of with a very yummy Midori Splice - Mmmmm.

Ohhhh Yummm!!
Breakfast was quite a bit healthier but equally as yummy. We then caught the bus back to Victor Harbour to continue our adventure with Myrtle.
My breakfasts aren't always this healthy!!

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