Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Next Adventure

My Babies and their Babies!
O'Shea, Shane, Rachel and Clare
Where will my life take me now that I am onto my next adventure - that is trying to cope with normality - well as normal as my life could be that is! I have now officially finished running Old Chilli Bed and Breakfast in Daylesford. My past 12 months have been an amazing experience. I will  now get back into the groove of working a few days a week at my friends homewares shop Homing Instincts in Warrandyte and looking after my beautiful granddaughter Clare, spending some time with my adorable grandson O'Shea whilst making time to do some stuff for me. I had a wonderful past weekend. On Saturday we celebrated Clare's 1st birthday. It was such a great day and to top it of my son Shane, his partner Stacey and my amazing grandson O'Shea came down to help Clare celebrate her first milestone. Then on Saturday night Shane and Stacey headed off to the football (Aussie Rules) and I babysat O'Shea. This was O'Shea's first night away from Mummy and Daddy and he was fine. I just loved spending time with my little man. I cannot believe how much I love being a Granny!!!

Clare loves her 1st birthday cake
O'Shea and his cheeky grin while he plays with Clare's toys.


  1. Oh my goodness, your grandchildren are two precious adorable angels. I'm glad to hear you had such a good time and I know what you mean when you say you love being a Granny, me too! Two more weeks til I arrive home, two short weeks.

    I got the recipe, thank you and either/or email addy will work. I will be switching over entirely to Gmail one of these years, which year I'm not sure yet though! lol

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. Beautiful family - what a blessing!


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