Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Week

I thought once I finished up in Daylesford I would have plenty of time on my hands to relax - not so! This past two weeks have been busy busy busy, but really good busy. I have been doing some work in Homing Instincts in Warrandyte. This store is a great place to work, I meet really nice, interesting people and the things we sell are great different items that you don't see everywhere. I have also been looking after my beautiful little granddaughter Clare while her Mummy is busy finishing her university course. Clare has such a wonderful little personality.
Mmmmm........ I love Birthday Cake!!
I had a night out for dinner with three of my dearest friends. I have known Jenni, Marjie & Sheri since primary school and they each fill a very special place in my heart. We went to a wonderful Chinese Restaurant called "East Empress" in Glen Waverly. We have been there before and the food, service and decor is hard to beat.
Then on Saturday I had a great day with Michelle and Nikki doing our 12 Month Soul Coaching Medicine Wheel. This is now my 3rd year living my life with the help and guidance of the Medicine Wheel and I just love it. It doesn't govern my actions it just helps me make sense of how my life is bopping along.
2012/2013 Medicine Wheel

 I just had to share this photo of me with my
two beautiful grand babies Clare & O'Shea


  1. Grand-babies are beautiful - just like their Grandma.

  2. How lucky you are Davine!
    I am interested in the 'Medicine Wheel'....I will 'google it', he said! lol


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