Thursday, July 9, 2009

"No Pain No Gain"

Well Carly our "Off The Couch" personal trainer, worked us hard at training tonight. It was one of the coldest nights we have trained in, but it didn't take long before we had all warmed up. There is almost a full moon tonight, and the sky looked so cool with the moon and stars gleaming in a clear winters night sky. I usually don't feel as though the pain bus has hit me until Friday morning, but the bus has arrived early and I am feeling it now. I have dragged out the heat packs, the ice packs and any other packs I can think off. As the saying goes "No Pain No Gain" - what a silly saying that is anyway.

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  1. You most certainly are way more ambitious about exercise than I am Davine! My exercise comes in many different forms, the gardening this past week did in some muscles I wasn't quite aware existed within my body! This is where the hot tub sure comes in handy! How often will you be going through this grueling routine? And ya, "no pain, no gain"... what the heck is that? lol


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