Sunday, May 15, 2016

Boorowa, NSW

Leaving Batemans Bay and my son and two adorable grandsons O'Shea and Finn was a bit sad this morning.

Not long into our drive we had to tackle the Clyde Mountain, which is a pretty long steep hill to climb while towing Myrtle. I was a bit nervous but we did it easily, the oil temp did rise slightly but all was ok. The rest of the day's drive was through lush green rolling hills. We fully intended to stay the night in a different town but as we drove into the little village of Boorowa it looked so good we decided this was the place for us to spend our night. From what I have read after aboriginal tribes had gone the town was built on with convicts (mainly Irish) who had received their ticket of leave. Apparently at times it was a pretty hard and violent place to live. It is now a charming pastoral town with a deep Irish heritage. We have decided on a caravan park to stay at tonight as it is only $25 for the night. After having a couple of drinks we headed to the local Chinese Restaurant and had a very nice meal. So tomorrow we will be up early to head further north on our journey to the tip of Australia. 

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