Thursday, January 14, 2016

Photography and Social Media - Project 1 Submission

The date has now arrived for me to submit my Project 1 work for my UTAS course. I have found even in the short time the course has been running, my outlook on how I take my photos has changed dramatically. I tend to be looking at the world around me in thirds, leading lines, complimentary colours and numerous other ways I never did before. I would love to hear any feedback you may have on my work so far. 

Project 1
Not being a fan of the “selfie”, I asked some of my friends if they were to take a photo of something that represented me, what would it be? So that is what I started out to do and that is why I have chosen the photos I am submitting.  I also decided that I would challenge myself and take all my photos for this course with my iPhone rather than my DSLR.

Photo 1. The suggestion was given to me to take a photo of something mysterious and a bit crazy. After taking several simple shots of my face and choosing one, I then played around with MultiExpo. I feel the red gives a bit of a crazy feel and the reason I am showing just my eyes is to convey a bit of mystery.
Davine trying to portray a mysterious outlook
Photo 2. Another person gave me the suggestion of something fun. As it happened to be Christmas, and I love Christmas and try and have a Christmas tree in each room of my house I thought the Christmas bauble a good choice. I wanted my image to be a secondary feature as the Christmas Tree is the main subject. I think the shot shows how I feel about Christmas and the bright colours show the fun I get out of life. This photo was modified using the app Moldiv which I had never used before.
Hopefully the colourfulness of this shots portray the fun side of me
Photo 3. Quite a few of my friends said I just had to include a photo that included my camera as I don’t leave the house without it. I included this photo as I feel it shows the real me doing something I truly love.  I would class this shot as a self-portrait as I directed another person in how to take the shot I wanted. I then modified the shot using the Photo Editor app. Firstly creating a soft hazy light and then softening the edges. This is my favourite photo of the three, I like the softness the haze has given the overall feel of the photo. I also feel it represents the message I was trying to convey. 
Me doing what I love!

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