Thursday, January 21, 2016

Heidi Museum of Modern Art

This weeks adventure took me to a location a little closer to home as it was only about a 10 minute drive. I have driven past "Heide Museum of Modern Art" many many times and always tell myself I will go in there one day - so this week the time had come. Even though I am not a huge fan of modern art, this museum didn't disappoint in stretching my life experiences and knowledge. As much as the art was interesting I think the story of John and Sunday Reed, the couple that gave birth to this historic gallery was the highlight for me. The  museum is located in the suburb of Bulleen, but back in 1934 when it was originally built the suburb was called Heidelberg, which is where the name came from. Heide was the affectionate name for Heidelberg John and Sunday gave to their property.
The Museum consists of three buildings, Heide 1 which is the original house where John, Sunday and their adopted son Sweeney lived. Numerous artists such as Sidney Nolan, Albert Tucker and many more also lived there at various times over the years. During these times there were many intermingled relationships between the artists. One such relationship is said to have been a ménage a trios between John, Sunday and Sidney. This building is currently holding the Modern Love: The Lives of John and Sunday Reed exhibition. 
Sidney Nolan, Kelly at the Mine 1946-47
Painted while living at Heide. 

Heide 1 - The home of John and Sunday Reed
Heide 11 currently has an Alex Selenitsch: Life/Text exhibition which didn't grab me but I found some pieces interesting. 
Interesting but baffled me a bit

Heide 111 holds a few different exhibitions but currently one of them is the Aleks Danko: My Fellow Aus-Tra-Aliens exhibition. I found most of his pieces very interesting and thought provoking. 
Thought provoking work of Aleks Danko

There is also a couple of kitchen gardens that supply the Cafe' Vue and lastly the Sculpture Garden. 
Entrance to one of the kitchen gardens

Basket and Waves - 1984

Scales - 1987
All in all I really enjoyed my morning at Heide. I am finding on my weekly adventures there are so many people stories that I am just finding amazing and interesting. I would recommend anyone visit this gallery, even if it's just to delve into the John and Sunday Reed story. 

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