Sunday, November 15, 2015


Firstly I must just say how saddened I am by the events that have happened in Paris these past few days. How one human can be so cruel to another human is beyond my comprehension. Is there anything that me as one small dot in this huge world can do? Is there anything we as a country can do? Is going in and bombing them the answer? I don't know, all I know it is all wrong. My heart goes out to all in Paris, all in France and all my fellow humans who's lives will never be as innocent as we once were.

We didn't travel very far to get to our new location, I think we drove about an hour and a half!! I had never heard of Wooli, but another camper recommended we come and stay here and I am once again glad I took another travellers advice. Wooli is a tiny seaside village situated between the Wooli Wooli River and the ocean. Back on December 24th, 1861 when this area was declared a camping reserve it was called Wooli Wooli which means "two water". As the area grew in popularity houses, a public school, a hall and some small businesses were built. 
We were treated with a nice sunset on our first night in Wooli
The pristine Wooli Wooli river are acclaimed to be the most unpolluted river in Australia and its waters are  a haven for wildlife and the very yummy Wooli Oysters. The first oyster leases were established back in 1885 at a cost of 1 pound per year. These oysters are renowned as some of the best in Australia. I have eaten quite a few oysters (natural) in my time and must say after buying a dozen yesterday they are extremely tasty. 
The entrance to Wooli Wooli River was a bit choppy as the tide was going out!!
Off shore is the Solitary Islands Marine Park. The Solitary Islands Marine Park consists of five main island groups and other significant rocky outcrops and submerged reefs. According to information brochures there are over 280 different species of fish, four varieties of turtles and 90 different types of coral. During the colder months it is also a safe haven for the migrating Humpback and Southern Right Whales. It would certainly be a special place for any divers to visit although from what the locals say it is sometimes home to some large White Pointer Sharks!!! 
Windy, Windy Windy !!!
From what I can tell most travellers call into this village to do some fishing. We gave it a try yesterday and there were fish out there because something was doing a lot of nibbling on my line but alas I never caught anything. We were going to head out again this morning but the wind has picked up and it is a very strong 45km, so might wait to see what it's like this evening. 

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