Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Made from Pinterest

With a couple of markets coming up I thought it was probably a good time to make some jewellery stock so I've got something to sell. Because my stock of earrings was down to about four pairs I thought was the best place to start. So that was were I started, although my thought process for this creative episode was a bit different to what it normally is. Normally I am not a very pinky sort of designer or wearer. But for some reason all the beads I was picking up seemed to be in the pinky girly shades. After finishing I was pretty happy with where my mind took me. But something was missing, I wanted some cards to display my cards on, but I wanted something a little different. That's where Pinterest come in. I have seen this idea several times and in several variations on Pinterest, so I thought I would give it a go. First I borrowed this punch from my lovely friend Michelle from Joy Express.  I cut them out of Watercolor paper and thought I would use three bright watercolours.
I bought this watercolor paper way back in the 80's when I lived in New York -
I knew I kept it for a reason. 
This punch was just perfect for my little job - thanks Michelle
With a group of cards held together with a couple of elastic bands I slightly wet the edges of paper with a spray bottle. Next with a wet paint brush I dabbed the top edge of the cards with three different colours. Having the paper wet allowed the colours to blend down into the cards. 

I am pretty happy with the randomness of the colours
 After the cards had dried I gave them a bit of an iron - not they really needed it. 
Then again with the help of Pinterest I made this little tool to punch a couple of holes into the card to put the earrings into. All it is a small piece of wood with a couple of pins superglued onto it.
Very simple but very clever idea to punch two holes into my cards

I started punching the holes on an old mouse mat,
but then realized just doing it on the ironing board was just as easy. 
After putting a little DavineRaeDesign sticker on the back it was time to complete my display with the actual earrings. 
I am very happy with my end result. 
I'm pretty happy with how they all turned out. I'd love to hear your opinion. 

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