Friday, April 6, 2012

Early morning in Rye

I sat watching this man do some surf fishing in the distance... as he left the beach with his head lowered I thought he had not had a lucky mornings fishing ... but when I looked at the shot enlarged I felt better for him, as I can see a tail in the bucket.. yeah he would have had breakfast!!
Which way will me wings take me ??...... Sometimes I wonder this myself !!

I would like to wish all out there (I hope you are out there!!) a very happy and extremely safe Easter. This is a very strange Easter for me as it is the fist time in my life I will be spending Easter on my own. Well not on my own, there are guests at Old Chilli B&B, but I don't know them.

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  1. Davine I've also been wondering where my wings will take me next, mind you I'm in no rush to find out because I've fallen in love with your beautiful country. My heart tells me I'll be back this way, the details are unclear at this particular moment but all in good time it will be revealed to me.

    I love your photos, it looks chilly but beautiful. The ocean water was cool yesterday, it took me a while to get in... well until the first big wave hit me, then it was a ton of fun!

    I hope your Easter turns out to be a good day for you, take care and we'll chat again in the near future.


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