Monday, February 13, 2012

Country Life

It's hard to believe that my Daylesford experience is already three quarters of the way finished. The last nine months has been very enjoyable, I have loved living the country lifestyle. Being a city girl I wasn't sure how I would cope living in the country but I have really enjoyed it.
Having worked in the travel industry for over 15 years as a travel agent and travel sales manager, I have visited lots of different types of accommodation and always had a bit of a fantasy that I'd like to run a B and B. So this has been my perfect opportunity. I haven't had to fork out heaps of money having to buy a property and I've had the experience of running one.
Country towns have great events, yesterday (Sunday) I went to a regional produce day. There were about 50+ stalls, information stands, entertainment and lots of yummy tastings.

Beautiful fresh locally grown Garlic - that hasn't travelled from the other side of the earth!!

Tiny Zucchini flowers - one day I will be adventurous and stuff some with something and try - not sure what to do though!!

Colourful Organic Tomatoes


  1. I've always thought running a B&B would be a lot of fun... and a lot of work. I'm glad you're enjoying being out in the county.
    xo jj

  2. Running a B&B is a lot of hard work so glad you are enjoying yourself!


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