Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Hi everyone - yes I am back from a wonderful time in Bali and I promise I will upload some photos at some stage. But firstly I have a favour to ask each and every one of you. Those of you out there that are regulars to my blog would know of my cousin Susan, as I have written about her and our closeness many times. Susan is much more than a cousin to me - our mothers were not only sisters but best friends and Susan and I were born only 6 weeks apart. We have been like sisters all our lives - sharing all the childhood, teenage and grown up experiences together. Somehow when one of us is feeling low the other one can sense it and will automatically make a call. Well last Saturday Susan took ill and between then and now she has been put into an induced coma, helicoptered from her town 2 hours from Melbourne to a hospital in Melbourne and endured many many test while in intensive care at St Vincents Hospital. She has been diagnosed with encephalitis and the Dr's are keeping her in the induced coma for a while and pumping her with some heavy duty drugs to fight the infection. In my heart I know she is not going to leave me or her wonderful family. My request from you all is if you don't mind could you say a small pray to whichever God you have to please return Suzie to us the way she was before this event. She is a wonderful woman, always caring for others and never asking for anything in return. My request is also very selfish because I want my Suzie back as she is my backbone.  
Suzie & my son Shane in Outback Australia


  1. Sending Angels and Prayers to Suzie, and You, Davine.
    Michelle xxx

  2. I remember you mentioning Suzie!
    Really hope she is able to have a speedy recovery very soon!
    Thoughts with you! Take care Davine!

  3. Thanks Shirleyanne - I am hoping they will bring her out of the coma today and I will see her beautiful smile.

  4. Davine, I am so sorry to hear of your 'sister's' illness, I know how close the two of you are. I wish her a speedy recovery and will definitely keep Suzie in my prayers. Hugs sent out to both of you tonight.

    Please keep us posted, I want to hear when she wakes up and tells you to stop fretting!

  5. Thanks Darlene - I will keep you updated.

  6. Wow. It's amazing how life can take such a turn. It sounds like she is in good hands but I would worry myself sick just like you probably are. I will keep her in my prayers.

  7. Thanks Judy - It just proves how quickly our lives can change.

  8. My prayers are with you and Susan for a speedy recovery. St. Vincent's is a very good hospital and she is in good hands.
    For now - we play the waiting game.


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