Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hung Branch

This past weekend we had a huge amount of rain in Melbourne. My house is close to the usually shallow, slow running "Diamond Creek". But that all changes when we have a big downpour. It's amazing just how much this little creek changes into a very deep and quite furious river so quickly. After one such storm a few years ago this so called creek took out not only the foot bridge, but also the vehicle bridge as well. Well a brand new foot and vehicle bridge were built and have both survived quite a few downpours. That is until this past weekend!!! The vehicle bridge was fine but the foot bridge didn't fair quite as well. It's like some huge platypus or beavers have moved a forest to make a dam.  I just had to get down there and get some shots. The water has now subsided until next time.

Now you might be asking why I have a photo of a "Hung Branch". This was part of the aftermath of the storm I mentioned above that we had a few years ago. After the creek had subsided, somehow this branch was left hanging from the power lines (not that the water was this high). I drive past this branch a couple of times each day and it transports me back to the times I drove past it with my dear old Dad. Every time we drove past it my dad would say "It's still up there". Dad had very little eye sight but he could always see his branch.

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  1. Wow, now that's some serious rain you get there. I wonder why they don't take that branch down, odd don't you think?

    I hope you have a fantastic weekend Davine with no rain at all! Looks to me like you've had your fair share already.


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