Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Weird Tongue"

I have certainly had a unexpected Sunday today. My plans were to attend a "Mother Earth Dreaming" workshop with "Angel Michelle" and also take along my jewellery to sell. BUT as we know sometimes plans don't work. I woke up at 5.00am and one side of my tongue was swollen to over double its normal size. Not only did I look a bit weird but I talked even weirder - actually I couldn't really speak at all. I was going to take a photo of it but I was a bit preoccupied that it may block my breathing. We phoned the Drs. (Shane did all the talking ) and he advised me to go to emergency at the "Austin Hospital" because even though my breathing was OK at the moment, we didn't know if it would change. Thank goodness my daughter Rachel lives close by, cause I needed her to come get breakfast and keep an eye on my Dad (who I care for). To cut a long story short after hours at the hospital, a few drugs, and 5 hours sleep my tongue is now almost back to normal. Now the question is WHY did my tongue swell. I am not allergic to anything so did I develop an allergy all of a sudden or did something bite me?? So my plan is for a while I will write down everything I eat and check if it happens again - keeping the box of drugs close by at all times.


  1. Thanks God, that you've got your old good tongue back! Quite an experience...
    Take care!

  2. how scary was that, do you sleep with your mouth open for something to bite you.....
    Glad you are feeling better now and stay that way

  3. Thanks Luize and Trish, I think it must have been some sort of allergic reaction to something I have eaten as I have been visiting the bathroom all day today.

  4. Wow, that would have been freaky! Glad to hear that you are ok now though!


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