Saturday, August 8, 2009

"Household Jobs - Boring"

Today was such a lovely "Sunny Winters Day", I think it reached about 18c. When I woke this morning I decided it was really going to have to be a day where household stuff got done - ho hum!!! So I wrote my trusty list and set my intentions and off I went. Well surprise surprise I got almost all of my jobs done and I actually enjoyed doing washing and ironing. As I hung my clothes on the line they were almost saying thank you - don't the clothes smell so good when they are dried outside. Even my little lemons on my little lemon tree were smiling. We do really need the rain but it is nice to have a day like today now and then.

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  1. Almost-spring weather is so inspiring, Davine. I find 'household stuff' much easier to do when the weather is warmer, too. Well done!


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