Sunday, May 31, 2009

"I Love Totem Poles"

As most would know (also by my blogs name) I have a love thing happening with Buddhas. What some may not be aware of is I also really love "Totem Poles". But because of their size and cost I don't have them all around my house as I do Buddhas - I do have two little ones. The last time I was in Vancouver, Canada visiting Rachel when she lived there, we hired a Motorhome - which is a whole other blog post - and
traveled to Vancouver Island. One of the little towns we visited was "Duncan - The Town of Totems". I was in heaven, I couldn't move fast enough to take enough photos. I was like a kid in a candy store. The photos I have included here are one the scrapbooking page I did on Duncan and the other is Rachel sitting on a huge Totem Pole - from my memory I think it is the "Biggest Totem Pole in North America". I really enjoy learning the meaning of each part of the Totem and the detail carved is amazing. When standing in front of them I can feel their amazing aura.
Yes, I do LOVE Totem Poles!!!

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  1. Hello Davine,
    I did find you and I too love totem poles although I never have been quite as excited about them as you are, we have totem poles all over our beautiful country and I suppose that I am used to seeing them!
    I will use your idea, if you don't mind, and post a totem pole one day as my picture of the day.
    And I too believe in Angels, this is going to be so much fun... already we have two things in common! :-)


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