Tuesday, February 23, 2016

UTAS Project 2 lead up.....

With my UTAS Photography and Social Media course almost at an end I thought it time I do a short summary of where this course has taken me and what I have learned. I have been interested in photography for a long time and taken many shots over this time. But I have found through the process of looking at other photographers work and exposing myself to a much wider range of work I am now looking at what I photograph in a much different manner.
I have also found I have had to discard some of my views on my photography and just go with the flow. I thought I had never produced themes before, but looking back I have been photographing themes without realising it. In fact I love themes. After much self talk I have decided to construct my theme around "Colours of the Queen Victoria Market".
I have also found a few sites I have found inspiration in are Steve McCurry on https://facebook.com/stevemccurrystudios
I love the way his images catch people just doing what they do in their everyday lives.
Another site I have found inspiration from is The Hungry Australian.
Following are a few of my reject shots I thought I might use as my themes.
This was taken while walking the Golden Mile in Melbourne 
Doors of Montsalvat was another theme possibility

William Ricketts Sanctuary was another option

This is one of my rejects from the Victoria Market

And another reject..

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