Sunday, December 6, 2015

My Bateman's Bay Family

Tomorrow ends my week with my amazing son Shane, my lovely daughter in law Stacey and my two adorable  grandchildren O'Shea (4) and Finn (2 this month). Because we live around 800kms from each other we don't get to catch up all that often, but when we do it certainly makes my heart smile. The week started with the ritual of putting up the Christmas Tree with O'Shea having the honour of placing the star on top.
Finn enjoying the Christmas Tree decorating

O'Shea felt very special putting the star on the top of the tree
The rest of the week consisted of lots of fun, lots of mango eating and lots of Granny Dave (me) spoiling her boys. 
Finn Loves mango.......

Just about as much as O'Shea loves mango!
Then today on this beautiful sunny Sunday, the two Shane's, O'Shea and I went out fishing in Shane's (son) boat. Unfortunately O'Shea got sea-sick, so we decided to head to the beach, where Stacey and Finn joined us for a bit of a fish and a play. Almost everyone caught some fish (we didn't keep them) but the best thing for the day O'Shea caught is first and second fish ever! He was so excited, almost as excited as his daddy was. 
O'Shea with his first fish ever 

O'Shea with his second fish

Finn enjoyed just being Finn

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