Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Week That Was...

Well I've have a pretty good week this past seven days. My week started out fairly quiet doing some more unpacking of stuff I have had in storage. But that hit a sudden halt when I got to the last plastic box. This box is full of my late Mums crystal glassware. It been almost seven years since my Mum left me and I have had these treasures packed away not being able to confront them. So the time has come now to decide which ones to keep and which ones to send onto someone else who will love them. I am really torn as to which ones to keep and what to do with the others. Do I donate them, sell them, what do I do? I might leave these decisions until next week!!
Mums beautiful crystal glassware

Mid week I had a night of scrapbooking with Robyn. A few of us used to catch up each Wednesday night for scrapbooking before I headed of on my Aussie Adventure. So we thought it would be nice to continue it now. So my mission this week was to finish a couple of Christmas kits I have had in my craft room for quite a number of years. Yeah I have finally finished them and I am really pleased with how they turned out. 
Bring on Christmas

Christmas Advent Calender
I also had the joy of catching up with a long time girlfriend Gail. We have been friends for around 30 years but sort of lost each other for a while, although we always exchanged Christmas cards. We had a lovely afternoon talking over old times, new times and enjoying each other's company. It's so nice spending time with good friends that you have some history with. It definitely won't be to long before we catch up again. 

I also spent some fun times with my adorable granddaughters Clare and Mikayla. I just love the things that come out of little peoples mouths. Clare is very aware that GaGa (me) has a sore shoulder. As she sat next to me checking out and running her finger along the scare on my shoulder, she lent forward and kissed my shoulder. It was so cute and I just felt like someone was sitting there mothering me.  
Mikayla usually wears her sunnies under her chin

Clare doing some camping under the carport
Last night I finished my week with a yummy meal at my favorite Chinese restaurant in Melbourne. Jimmy at Diamond Restaurant is well known for his wonderful service and yummy food. 

How's your week been? Did you accomplish something that has been on the back burner for a while? What did you do for YOU this past week? 

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