Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What a week

What a week I have had. It included laughter, love, frustration and happiness. It all led up to a wonderful weekend. I had the joy of my son Shane, Stacey, O'Shea and little Finn arriving from Batemans Bay. Stacey and the little boys headed down to her parents house in Cape Paterson while I got to spend some time with my boy who I hadn't seen for over 12 months. Then on Saturday we had a fun day for little O'Shea's 3rd birthday. He was super super excited and had a great time. It wasn't a big party but it was fun.
Time for a Dinosaur Party
Everyones getting excited about blowing those candles out!
Sunday was a bit of a lazy day while we all prepared for Shane and Stacey's wedding on Monday. They wanted just a quiet family only wedding at the Registry Office and that's exactly what they got. Monday started off with lunch at The Terrace Restaurant in the Royal Botanic Gardens. It was such a beautiful location, situated beside the attractive lake and surrounded by some amazing plants. After lunch we all headed to the Registry Office to join Shane and Stacey pledge their love to each other. It was such a beautiful ceremony. Yes, I did cry!!

The beautiful couple Stacey and Shane

Little Finn was pretty happy as long as Mums boobs weren't to far away!

Mikayla had fun blowing all the people a kiss

O'Shea and Clare loved the Ducks and Swans in the lake

I was happy having both my kids by my side
(Clare, Rachel, Me, O'Shea and Shane)
So now I sit here in a quiet house as my guests all left this morning. I really miss them and am planning when I can go and visit them in Batemans Bay. But boy am I tired and am planning on having an early night. 

Note: Oh by the way as I mentioned above part of my week was frustrating. The frustrating bit was my shoulder and arm still not behaving like a normal shoulder and arm.
The movement has improved slightly but it is still difficult to do most things. 

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