Friday, October 5, 2012

Queensland Sojourn - Day 2

We woke very early this morning so thought we may as well get on the road. Our mission was to drive from West Wyalong to Tamworth, which is 590kms (approx. 366miles) through the countryside of inland New South Wales. As yesterday we went through the charming small Australian country towns, but most of the trip was just the remote countryside. I was looking forward to seeing Tamworth as I had never been here before.  Tamworth is famous for it's Annual Country Music Festival in January. One year we will come up for the festival although we would have to book at least 12 months in advance.  We finally arrived in Tamworth about 3.30pm and I was very surprised at the size of this city which I thought was going to be a lot smaller country town. So now it is 10.15pm, we have been out and had a yummy dinner and my day has just about caught up with me. So it is good night from me until tomorrow.


  1. We like to eat ribs when they are with a good BBQ sauce and when the meat falls from the bone.


  2. The side dishes and the chips look tasty. NO comment re the other on the plate! :-D


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