Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Pet Magpie

Today a few words about the bird called "Magpie" aroused a wonderful childhood memory for me that I thought I would like to share with you. Growing up an only child my Dad was the person who would bring home various animals that he would find injured. When I was a young teenager my Dad arrived home from work with an injured Magpie. It had broken its wing and was unable to ever fly again, so he - I named him "Sam" - and I became the best of friends. We would play for hours in my back yard, I would hide my little silver watch in my slippers and he would go and find it and bring it back to me. He also had the strange habit of try to help me with my acne problem by pecking at my zits. Magpies are wonderful mimickers when it comes to sounds. He was able to mimick my dogs bark to the point that they were difficult to tell apart. As a teenager I would also be constantly playing my vinyl records in my bedroom and Sam would sit on my window ledge and sing along with the songs he knew. I am so grateful I had such a kind and caring Dad that allowed me to experience the love between human and animal.
Sam retrieving my watch from inside my slipper
My poodle "Freddie" with my magpie "Sam"

Sam helping me with my acne problem!!!

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  1. This is a beautiful story, Davine ... thank you! I love the 'prompt' about magpies on the Forum, last week. What a gift you shared with YOUR magpie. :)


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