Sunday, June 6, 2010

Good Food and Wine

I had another great day at the “Good Food and Wine Show” yesterday, but I was so tired when I got home I couldn’t even be bothered turning my laptop on. But it’s now Sunday and I am all set for another day. Unfortunately I didn’t get anymore kisses yesterday but it was still a good day. Even though our stand isn’t food it has still been extremely busy. Anything on Tasmania always seems to draw a crowd and Joyce, the girl I am working alongside and I always tend to have a lot of fun too and neither of us is short of a word to say. When I have been wandering around while on my break I must say the food tastings are really really yummy. Yesterday I tried some “Honey Duck” and not being a duck lover I thought I wouldn’t like it, but I tried it anyway – hey it was free! But to my surprise it was really delicious, so I bought some tomorrow night dinner. I got a couple of celebrity shots, but the crowds were so large it was really difficult to get a clear shot of anything. The show finishes today at 6.00pm and then Shane and I are going to go out for dinner, so it may be tomorrow again by the time I get to tell you about my day.

Fast Eddie from Better Homes & Gardens
George from Masterchief
“Learn to Live”: Mental note from my observations at the Good Food and Wine Show. If I am there and not working, don’t have too many wine tastings and try to talk to the stand holders at the end of the day!!

“Davine Time”: Walked in the pouring rain and didn’t stress about getting to wet.


  1. What a fun day, I wonder how much it would cost to have a man cook for me whenever my hearts desired... hmmm. lol

    Walking in the rain! Awesome, I haven't done that in years, thanks for the reminder Davine.

  2. Being on your feet all day working convention can be exhausting. Hope you get to relax and put your feet up soon.


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