Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mind, Body Spirit

After my lazy Friday, yesterday was back to living life to the fullest. I spent the day at “Mind, Body, Spirit Festival” in the city. This festival is held once a year and I find it a really uplifting day. I always just wander around checking all the stands out a couple of times and I always book in to have some sort of reading done. This year I opted to have my Tarot Cards read by Chrissy. I’m not going to go into all she said – way to long - but a couple of things that were touched upon and that really resonated with me were that I am a creative person and I need to go with my gut instinct and get into it more. Chrissy also said that it is the time in my life to do a lot more for “ME” as I have given a lot to others in the past few years. Hey has this woman been reading my blog or what? Then last night I went out for pizza with a few girlfriends. That was such a civilized way to spend a Saturday.

Today was somewhat different, as I haven’t even left the house. It is freezing cold and I feel like I am catching Shanes “Man Flu”, although if I do get it, mine will only be a cold. Shane doesn’t believe there is such thing as “Man Flu” as it probably with most men, but girls we know better don’t we. So even though my day was quiet it wasn’t a total loss my football team “Saints” won.

“Living to Learn”: “Pepsi” was originally called “Brads Drink”

“Davine Time” update: I bought myself a lovely piece of amethyst jewellery from the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival. It’s nice giving myself a piece of jewellery that I haven’t made.


  1. It sounds like a very eventful Saturday, it's odd how some of the readings can be so accurate. I wonder sometimes though if psychics are so intuitive how come they don't win more lotteries? Just a thought that I hope made you smile. :-)

    I hope that your "man flu" passes quickly and yes there is an immense difference in a woman's flu vs. a man's flu... immense difference!

    Take care Davine, and get well soon!

  2. The festival sounds like it would be really enjoyable. Glad you found something you liked to take home with you.

    Hope you are feeling good.

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