Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Homing Instincts

I think I may have mentioned previously, one of my very best friends (Jennie) has a wonderful home decorating store called “Homing Instincts”. Well, today I have had the best day as it was my first day of working Tuesdays in her store. I was a little bit nervous at first but once I got in the swing of the day I had an amazing time. She has the most amazing eclectic assortment of products, it’s like I have spent my day in Aladdin’s Cave. Without fail all the customers that come into the store comment how great everything is. I am so looking forward to spending next Tuesday there again.

“Living to Learn”: My whole day today was a fantastic new learning experience.

“Davine Time”: Even though I was working – just allowing myself to love and enjoy my day.