Friday, June 18, 2010

Heart and Shells

As I have mentioned on previous posts, I find it amazing how I can feel fine and then all of a sudden the passing of Dad can hit me with an enormous wave of sadness. Well that was how I felt as my day started today, but today I had things to go, do and see - so on with my day. This morning I had my pre-admission visit for my sinus operation that I am due to have next month. I was a little bit nervous as I didn’t know if they were going to use the “nose probe” again, as they did on my last visit. Then as I waited for the Dr. I knew all was going to be fine when I saw this lovely print on the wall. I just felt that the heart and two shells was telling me that I had two passed loved ones there with me making all OK. In my mind those two loved ones were definitely my Mum and Dad. I know there are a lot of people out there that only believe what is actually there in front of them. But being through what I have been through the passed three years I just know when there are signs from my loved ones and guides that are put in front of me the lead my way.

“Living to Learn” – The bible doesn’t say the forbidden fruit was an apple. Now I am not a religious person and have never read the bible. So can anyone out there confirm this fact for me?

“Davine Time” – Had a lovely lunch and some shopping time with my beautiful daughter Rachel. I just love spending girl time with my now adult baby girl.