Monday, June 14, 2010

Back in the Groove

I decided to give my creative juices a bit of a work out today. It’s been weeks since I sat myself down and got stuck into actually making something. After sorting through the beads, jump rings and other supplies I have bought recently I enjoyed creating a couple of bracelets and a necklace. I also took myself out into the garden to plant some iris plants a girlfriend gave me. Not that it was a warm garden day by any stretch of the imagination. Today’s top temperature was only 15c (59f) and it is currently a very chilly 4.8c (41f).

“Living to Learn” – The greatest height a chicken egg has been dropped without cracking is
213 metres (approx.) 700 feet.

“Davine Time” – I just love Monday nights when Rachel and I have our date watching
Desperate Housewives.