Monday, June 21, 2010

I Love Dentists!!

My day today was one that could be named “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”. My day definitely started with the “Bad and Ugly” with an early visit to the dentist. Now I have never been a fan of the dentist and I must say my dentist, Daniella is very nice, a great dentist and extremely gentle, which is a bonus for a wimp like me. It’s not the filling that is my main worry it is getting that bl….. needle jammed into my mouth. Today the job she had was to replace a filling in one of my back teeth. Now I was extremely nervous, because last time I had a back tooth filled (by another Dentist) it was really painful as the first needle of anaesthetic didn’t do the job properly. Well to my joy (NOT) once again the first injection felt like it had worked until she was poking around the nerve and I almost jumped out of the chair!! Poor Daniella got such a fright she couldn’t stop apologising and gave me another injection – Yeah great another needle. Then the grinding – oh the grinding was fun too!!! Anyway finally my time with my dentist came to an end, I paid, and when the receptionist said “OK we will see you in 12 months” and I nearly hugged her.

But as the saying goes “Behind every Cloud is a Silver Lining” because the rest of my day was filled with fun stuff and now I am sitting watching “Desperate Housewives” with Rachel.

Walhalla Wilderness
“Living to Learn” – Slugs eat twice their body weight each day –
now I bet you all are so excited you now know that info.

“Davine Time” update – Today I set myself a goal of scanning some old photos and
had the joy of completing it.


  1. That's awesome to be spending time with your daughter!

    The slugs, news to me. :-)

    And one more entire year with no dentist, the whole process made me smile though... at least you have your own teeth! :-)


  2. Dentists, the thought is enough to make grown men cry! Glad it's all over for another year. I like your wilderness photo. Just realised, the day you wnet to the dentist was the shortest day of the year.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  3. Oh, my God, Davine! I coped with the Dentist story (congrats on surviving, by the way) but the info about the Slugs?! Euk! LOL.

  4. Glad you get a year reprieve! I am one of those weird people who loves going to the dentist. Don't hate me.

  5. Well done Davine... I think medals should be handed out to everyone who attends the dentist regularly! And the slugs... I used to have a visiting slug... he'd pop under the sliding door at night, come in for some crumbs round the table, then pop out before light... he'd leave a silver trail and one night I got up to spot him! Repulsive but amazing!


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