Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lets Talk

I must admit I am a bit of a “tech head”. I love all things – well as much as I know – techie. I love my mobile phone, I have it on me all the time, my friends and I text each other, I take photos with it all the time, I record many things that I want to remember, I use it for my diary – so much so if I lost my mobile I wouldn’t know what I was doing. I also really love my desk top computer and laptop. I love having access to programs such as email and my blog to communicate with old and new friends from Australia and all over the world. They make keeping in contact with everyone just so easy. Now where am I going with this I can hear you ask? Today I called; yes I dialled a number and actually spoke to my lovely friend Michelle of “Joy Express”. When Michelle answered the phone I actually had a bit of a revelation of how nice it was to actually hear her voice and talk and have an actual “in the moment” conversation with someone. As we talked I realized that when we write or talk on our blog or email, we write differently, more structured that we do when we speak. When we are actually speaking to someone we don’t do any spell check and proof reading we just say what we feel in that moment. I know and it has been pointed out to me that I do sound different when I have a conversation to when I am writing. I wonder if anyone else out there thinks or have been told they sound different when they write compared to when they talk. I would love to hear your answer and your opinions.

“Living to Learn” – The first couple to be shown in bed on prime TV was
Fred and Wilma Flintstone.

“Davine Time” – Actually talking (not texting or emailing) to a couple of friends and family.


  1. I don't know for sure. It certainly is easier to talk, but at least with writing, you can edit before you post. There have been many times I have wanted to erase something I said in person. Blogging is like a blind date. You talk to the guy on the phone...he sounds hot...sexy voice...and then in person, bleah.
    We probably all have an image of what our blogger friends are like and we could be in for a surprise.

  2. I think I write like I am talking to myself in my head ... or maybe it's that I now 'talk' like I write! I think we weave stories in our writing and it's an opportunity to explore words and concepts in a way we just don't have time to do when we talk. We also have to describe more of what we are saying because there is no immediate feedback, as happens in conversation.

  3. I've often been told that I write as I talk - sometimes this has been said in criticism of the way I write- but if that's the way my writing comes across that's great to me. However from what Judy has commented on hear I'm just sorry you don't get my deep sexy voice in the written word!!

  4. I think most people would speak quite differently to how they write. Sometimes when I write, I try to make it sound conversational, albeit one sided, or perhaps more like following my thought processes. If you meet blog people, some are just like you imagine them to be, and some are very different.

  5. Davine, it is so good to talk, to connect with a person vs. texting, emails, etc. I was offended this year when my sisters sent me a message via email on my birthday wishing me a happy birthday, no phone calls... how impersonal! I call them on their birthdays, I also send them a b'day greeting via email but it's the connecting which keeps us well... connected.

    I find it very sad that we have so many ways to communicate and nobody really communicates anymore. What is this world coming to? Scary to think what this generation is going to be like as parents. Text the nanny to take care of the baby and teach the child very young how to communicate via computer? I shudder to think of that!

    I do love technology, don't get me wrong, I meet wonderful people such as yourself, I get to see the world via others camera lenses but if we ever chance to meet in person, you bet there will be a much different connection, a real live one which I believe connects us through heart felt senses whereas typing connects us analytically. Just my thoughts on this.

    Have a wonderful day, take care and virtual hugs from Canada! :-)

  6. Interesting question-- I think the answer is that it depends on who I'm talking to. Kids-- teen and 20-somethings, are usually much easier to talk to on the phone since they can't use their crazy "short-hand" from texting or one giant run-on sentence in emailing. But my adult friends, hmm, I'm not sure. I think we talk about the same as we write but we all prefer to actually talk once in a while instead of just texting. That said, I LOVE my iPhone and don't know how I lived without it :-)

  7. Thanks all for sharing your comments - I love putting questions outthere in blogland and get peoples opinions.
    Judy I agree it would be nice sometimes to erase something we have said. Michelle yes I think you write like you talk or maybe you do type like you talk.
    Oh Mark I think maybe we all get your deep sexy voice in your written word.
    Andrew I find that interesting sometimes you meet someone and they are totally different than you imagined and sometimes they are exactly lie you imagined.
    Darlene - No no birthday messages via text, it has to be in person. Thats what my ex did to Rachel (his daughter) this year sent her a text for her birthday, Mmmmmm!
    Joanna - I don't have an iphone yet but I think when my contract runs out the end of this year i just may have to.

  8. Someitmes when I'm writing - that is typing the words, it's like I have a copnverstaion going on in my head. It's like what I'm writing, I imagivne the other person is sitting here with me and we're having a conversation.
    I don't think I always do this though.

    When we communicate with people online, whether it be through blogs or forums, I find I get a picture in my mind pf how I think the other person will look etc. It is often very different because they are the complete opposite to what I imagined.
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