Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Creature of Habit - No!

I am so enjoying my life at the moment. After my Dad passed away I decided I didn’t want to go back to fulltime (real) work. With already having experienced the career 9-5 every day job, I decided I want to work - but not do a real job. Once I had made my decision it was like the planets aligned themselves and I started getting offers from various people to do some work for them. So the last 7 days I have been busy working but it has been for four different companies and they are also in different areas and I am really enjoying it. I asked myself why am I enjoying it so much and it was obvious to me, I am definitely not and have never been a creature of habit. I have always gone out of my way to do something different so I don’t fall into the same old same old. So what on the agenda for me tomorrow – no not work – lunch with a friend. Did I say already how much I am enjoying my life at the moment?

“Learning to Live” – With all my different and varied jobs lately I have been learning heaps of new stuff.

“Davine Time” update: Letting myself enjoy every minute of every day, no matter what I am doing.

Some of my Garden Toadstools  - Please Do Not Eat!!


  1. You life sounds stimulating and fun as it should be. Congrats.

  2. Good for you Davine, you inspire me to do and be the best I possibly can or make the most of life. I'm thrilled for you to have the opportunity to try an assortment of new things in your life, seize the day my friend!

    Nice photo, do these mushrooms also produce fairy rings? Now those are nasty and tough to get rid of!


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