Friday, June 4, 2010

My Spanish Kiss

I have started doing a bit of consultant work and today and this weekend I am working at the “Good Food and Wine Show”, representing a company called “Maria Island Walk” (I will give you an over view on that in another post). This show is held every year and is really quite big. There are heaps wine and produce providores and almost all of them have tastings on their stands. Yummo – I didn’t even need to buy any lunch, I just wandered around and enjoyed all of the nibbles. I didn’t have any wine seeing I was working, but maybe when I finish work on Sunday I may indulge a little. At the show there are lots of well known Chefs doing presentations and classes. I have watched a lot of them on TV and one that I really like, not only for his cooking talent, but also his great sense of humour and he is also pretty easy on the eyes is “Miguel Maestre”. Well now to my exciting news, I was walking around after I finished working and came face to face with Miguel. Me being me, I started talking to him and told him how I enjoyed his show on TV. We talked for a few minutes and then in his gorgeous Spanish way as we said goodbye I got a kiss on each cheek. OMG I felt like a teenage girl, I am sure my cheeks were flushed and wouldn’t you know it, not only didn’t I have my camera with me I didn’t even have my mobile phone to take a photo. So I am of to the show again tomorrow to work and do some more tastings and see who else I can get a kiss from. One thing for sure I am taking my camera tomorrow.

Miguel Maestre
Photo from Tropical Kitchen


  1. Wow, easy on the eyes is an understatement. Lucky, lucky you. The three best things, food, wine and a good looking guy. Happy working.

  2. OMG!!!! I would have squealed like a school girl. How exciting for you. A camera tomorrow is an absolute MUST!

    I used to sell advertising for a restaurant magazine and the Food Show in Chicago was a favorite convention of mine-- but it was before "celebrity chefs" so no star sightings-- just a lot of food samples :-)


  3. Wow, now he's pretty darn easy to look at you lucky lady you! I hope to see photos of him tomorrow! :-)

    It sounds like a lot of fun doing what you're doing! Good for you Davine, what an opportunity.

  4. As a fellow 'foodie' I watch a lot of Food Tv. How interesting to work that trade show! When I was still out on the road, I loved doing trade shows. Takes a special personality to work all those hours on your feet and still enjoy it and want to go back, so I guess we're alike?


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