Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Today's Drs Visit

Well my activities today would certainly not be regarded as “Davine Time”!!!! I have had problems with my sinuses for quite a number of years, having badly infected sinuses at least once a year. Last October I had a specialist appointment and scans done to show I have polyps in my sinuses. Polyps are apparently caused by sinuses being infected often. Anyway the Dr. mentioned that I should maybe think about having them removed but probably best to try a nose spray first. Well that was almost 7 months ago and today was my return visit to the Drs. I do not have a problem when visiting Drs. until they pull some sort of instrument or needle out and then a little bit (well maybe a lot) of panic starts to set in. As my visits are at the outpatients department at a hospital the Dr. I saw today was a different one from last October. He was very nice, explained things well and I was feeling comfortable. My body tensed up only slightly when he picked up this little metal instrument and proceeded to look inside my nose. That was OK, I thought that didn’t hurt, this is all OK. Then all of a sudden I noticed he had picked up this strange looking instrument that was long, thin and had a light on the end. He proceeded to tell me he was about to spray some anaesthetic into my nostrils that will numb my nose and throat so he can slide this instrument, that to me looked way longer that it was, up my nose to my throat. OH MY GOODNESS – he is joking isn’t he!!! Shane was with me and later had a laugh about the panicked look on my face. Well he did it and I tell you it was the weirdest experience, it didn’t hurt just felt a little weird. It was good that I had the anaesthetic, but it was the worst tasting stuff I have ever tasted and not only did it numb my nose and throat but also my tongue and lips. He also did warn me not to eat or drink anything for about 15mins because I was so numb I had to be careful nothing went down the wrong hole!!!!! Don’t worry Doc I’m not eating or drinking for way longer than the 15mins you advised!!! Then to top it of he advised that I should maybe have the polyps removed as the nose sprays have not help at all. I am not looking forward to having an operation but at least I will be knocked out and not have to look at that long skinny thing with light in the end again. Now I sit here tonight with the all the numbness gone, I have a bit of a sore throat and feel a bit sorry for myself. So after a day where my “Davine Time” didn’t really happen I will make up for it tomorrow.