Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas - Day 7

I think my life caught up with me today and I have had a headache - bordering on a migraine - all day, so it wasn't a very productive day at all. While putting the wreath on the front door, it got me wondering what the meaning of the Christmas Wreath was. So me being me - I GOOGLED it (I google everything). Well that didn't help my headache - there were so many historic reasons, I wished I hadn't wondered at all. A couple of historic reasons were that in ancient Rome, people used decorative wreaths to symbolise victory and eternal love. It's circular shape represented eternity since circles have no beginning and also no end. For anyone out there that has some other meaning I would love to know it. I made my wreath and I really like the two little red robins on it - mainly because they have weird scary eyes. Don't ask me why their weirdness attracts me it just does. I thought I would also share another one of my Santa's with you. This guy stands about 65cm (about 26in) and he has the sweetest Santa face I have ever seen.