Saturday, February 20, 2010

Being Responsible

This morning I awoke with the sudden realization that I am not responsible for anyone. As many of us I have been responsible for someone for many years. First it was my two beautiful children, then it became for my ageing parents and then it was the honour to care for my elderly Dad. But this morning as I wake it is just me that I have to think about. For a while it made me very sad, but then I decided this was the point of my life my parents had worked so hard to get me to. They are the two people that produced me and raised me to be the adult I am today. There may have been lots of other influences in my life but they did the early ground work to instil in me the values I have now. So I decided to honour them as best I can and to love, care and be responsible for myself. As it turned out it’s not as easy as I thought to all of a sudden to switch from caring for someone you love to care for yourself. I was successful for some of the day, but most of the day was spent wandering around thinking of what I could do next. Up until now life has been set out for me with specific things that had to be done, now I just have to get used to just being Davine. I know I will get there I just have to take things one hour at a time. I really want to thank all my friends both near and afar for their love and best wishes in this time of my life.

** “Davine Time” update – I had a couple of me times today. This morning Shane and I went out for brunch – it was very nice. Then tonight a couple of girlfriends – Alice and Melissa came around and we had an enjoyable night of chatting, pizza and wine. Thanks girls I needed it.