Friday, May 21, 2010

Busy is Better

Oh my goodness I have had a busy day today. My Friday started off with Rachel my daughter phoning me to see if I would go to the Drs. with her because she hurt her ankle at basketball last night and wanted to make sure it wasn’t broken. Well the Mum in me jumped to attention and off we went. The rest of the day was then nonstop with buying a present, picking up work brochures from two different locations, waiting for a handyman to come fix some house stuff and then dropping of the brochures at the Exhibition Buildings where I am working next week. Half way through my busyness I got a relieved call from Rachel saying the X-ray showed there was no break but ligament damage and she was on crutches for a while. Now I am about to get ready to go to a 21st – yes that’s right a 21st. Hope I don’t feel too old and that I can at least last until fairly late into the night.

“Living to Learn” update: In my learning search today I picked a random word out of the dictionary – so wish I hadn’t picked this one!
Omophagous – The meaning of this word (get this) is “the eating of raw flesh”. Oh yummy that’s something nice to think of just before dinner time!!

“Davine Time” update: Organized a handyman, who actually did come today when he said he would, to do a couple of jobs that I have been putting off and putting off. Yay – they are now done and crossed of my list.
This cartoon is an old one - but it tickled my fancy.


  1. Hey, they all live here with me.
    Glad Rachel is okay, well not okay but not broken.
    You are a fortunate one to have found an honest man....workman....handy man. Yea.

  2. So glad your daughter's didn't have a break. Phew.

    Have fun at the party.


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