Thursday, May 6, 2010

Aromatherapy Party

After having a fairly ordinary Tuesday I have made sure Wednesday and Thursday have consisted of some valuable “Davine Time”. Last night I had an “Aromatherapy Party”, with the theme “Fabulous Feet”. Seven of my wonderful girlfriends arrived with bucket and towel tucked under their arm ready for a night of pampering. Suzy from “Amazing Scents" came along with lots of aromatherapy oils and lots of information to teach us all numerous things we can do with oils. I have been into oils for a number of years. I have them in oil burners throughout the house; I have also made up lots of beauty products such as “Bath Soak” and also in some home cleaning products. After a night of soaking our feet in warm water infused with wonderful oils, giving them a bit of exfoliating, topping of the treat with cream with peppermint and lavender and lots of laughs my nose thoughts from Tuesday were just a memory. This may not be the most glamorous photo ever taken of me but Ooooh my feet felt so good!! Today I went to the “Stiches and Craft Fair” for 2010. It was not as good as past years but it is amazing how my creativity is stimulated by surrounding myself in a creative atmosphere.

“Davine Time” update – feeding the artist inside me.


  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    Foot soaks and girlfriends, wow that sounds wonderful. Good on you girl. Lavender wishes and ((((hugs)))) until next time.
    ya made my footies a bit jealous.

  2. We really did have a fabulous time soaking our feet, Davine! Loved the evening at your place, loved the pampering, loved the giggles ... great for the soul. I do think I am a bit addicted to Peppermint, again, too. LOL.

  3. Very indulgent! Wonderful! Could do with a little of that myself!

  4. Oh my goodness, now this looks and sounds like heaven! I think that this is an awesome way to spend some quality time with friends and you also incorporated me time into you. You are so brilliant Davine! I like this photo of you, it's real! :-)


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