Monday, May 24, 2010


I’m now back home after another lovely weekend away. Even though it’s not officially winter for another 7 days, today was icy cold. I worked for a few hours in the afternoon and when I got home I got straight into my PJ’s and settled myself down for a cosy night in front of the TV. It’s been raining for the past few hours and the sound of the rain drops on my tin roof is one of the most relaxing sounds I can think. I hope it is still raining when I get into bed as it is so nice to fall asleep listening to that sound. I think when eventually I sell this house I will have to try and get somewhere with a tin roof.

Living to Learn” = As I have mentioned previously I have bought myself a brand spanking new car and should get the call to pick it up sometime this week. My new car is classed as an SUV. I have seen this classification heaps but have now realized I don’t know what it actually stands for. So I thought today that would be what I would learn.

“SUV” = Stands for Sport Utility Vehicle. So what features separate an SUV from other cars on the road? Common features of a sport utility vehicle are four-wheel drive, better towing capacity, room for four or more passengers, and ample storage space.

“Davine Time” update = Todays me time would have to be as I mentioned above;
Listening to the rain on the tin roof.


  1. I love our roof!! It is some kind of tim! We are in Spring time here!!

  2. Hope it warms up for you a bit.

    I drive an SUV and LOVE IT! I hope you do too. Enjoy,


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