Thursday, May 27, 2010

Real Jobs - No thanks

Hello all, yes I am still alive and well. I have had a really busy few days and a few internet problems. Hopefully all is OK now but just incase I loose my internet connection I will make this short and sweet. I have been working a bit this week at the “Home and Leisure Show”, which has been very very quiet and the time has dragged but I have still enjoyed it. My life dream of not doing a real job and enjoying everything I do is panning out perfectly. A great friend of mine (Jennie) has offered me a job at her wonderful gift shop on Tuesdays. Her shop is called “Homing Instincts” and has some wonderful eclectic stock. Every time I visit her I find something I want to buy. I am really looking forward to working there. Tomorrow I am of to the “Bead and Gem Show”, hopefully I will find some unusual beads or charms to make some interesting jewellery pieces. Then tomorrow night I am of to another scrapbooking night. I must say life is so great at the moment, I feel I am walking around with a smile continuously on my face.

“Living to Learn” update: Today my learning is something I have known for a while and something we all should do. No matter what we do in our life just make sure it is FUN.

“Davine Time” update: Tomorrow I will show you some photos of some major Davine Time I have to share.


  1. You do sound really happy, Davine. I have a smile on my face from reading your post. :) Congrats on the new "Tuesday Indulgence"!

  2. Davine, this is awesome for you to be doing exactly what you want to do! You go girl!


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