Monday, May 17, 2010

Purple Fun

Just thought I would share a couple of photos from the weekend with you tonight. Not only did we scrap but we as a group also raised $400 for the Cancer Council. The money was raised in a few different ways such as raffles and fines for such things as the last person out of bed, if you got lost getting to the venue. Each year in May the Cancer Council have a day named “The Biggest Morning Tea” where groups get together and have big morning teas to raise money and that was our activity on Saturday. Then on Saturday night we celebrated our weekend theme which was “Purple”. Everyone had to wear something purple and if you didn’t you copped a fine from Sonia who was the scrap police!! I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone and wore purple PJ’s. That way I could just climb into bed when I was ready to retire.

“Davine Time” update: Today I sorted through and completed a pile of paperwork on my desk that I have procrastinating for ages. Yeah it’s now gone and my desk is almost clear.


  1. Wow, you had a good size group of scrapbookers! That had to have been a blast!

    And to have raised money for such a good cause-- I take my hat off to you.


  2. Now that's thinking Davine, wearing your PJ's! :-)

    Good on you to get out there and take part in something which you are passionate about, I can "hear" it in your words. That's awesome that your group raised money for a charitable cause... good on all of you!

    An awesome day to you and keep on having fun, life's too short not to!


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