Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas - Missing Day 4 & Day 5

For anyone that has or has had little children, you will probably agree with me that it is amazing how your day can be over before you know it. But for the life of you, you can't really name everything that has consumed your day. Well caring for an elderly parent is exactly the same. Even though Dad sleeps most of the day, my day was gone before I knew it. It was a day of washing bodies, clothes, bedding etc. etc etc. I did spoil myself and go to a scrapbooking night after Dad was tucked up into bed for the night. It was nice to just indulge in some me time for a couple of hours. I fully had intentions to update my blog when I got home, but I couldn't keep my eyes open. Today is day 5 of my Christmas preparations, so out came the Christmas tree, but I will get it decorated tomorrow. My daughter - Rachel - and her boyfriend - Luke - are of to a 60's Birthday Party tonight and I got the job of doing her makeup and creating the beehive hairdo. They looked so good as they headed of for a night of laughs. Rachel reminded me of the girls out of the group B52's and Luke was Ringo Starr of Beatles fame. I have always loved going to fancy dress nights - you can be as outrageous as you like and hide behind your costume.